Duke Christie

Carving up a masterpiece

Influenced by Moray and Speyside, Duke Christie creates remarkable art-work out of wood. He needed help better advertising his skills. That's where we came in.

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Duke Christie is a local Moray artist who creates stunning furniture and artwork from wood. He gets his inspiration from the wildlife and environment of Speyside, with its rich connections to the mountains, rivers and forests. We collaborated with Duke to capture some of his impressive designs and emphasise their origins.

An honest portrait

Our central goal was to demonstrate the tactility of Duke's work and introduce his audience to the unique sensations that come from running your hands over smooth, clean wood. We also wanted to show the remarkable talent and craftsmanship that goes into his creations, which we captured in some frank, personal and honest portraits.

Inspired by Nature

Casting Shadows

We utilised light and shadow to accentuate the depths of Duke's art, highlighting the grain and every precise cut.

Scottish Inspirations

Inspired by the mountains, rivers and forests of Moray, we took his work to the locations that fired his imagination.

A seat fit for a King.



Elgin's Orchard

Launch of Social Campaign.

Gordon Castle

Social Media Content

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