Whisky Speyside Festival

A Gin Super-Soaker

Create a series of dynamic, short, Instagram-focused films to celebrate the broad selection of Gin available at the forthcoming Gin Speyside Festival.

  • Creative Direction
  • Video & Photo
  • Marketing
  • Social Content

The team at Spirit of Speyside host a yearly whisky festival that brings together all the distillers of Speyside and Moray. However, this year they wanted to launch a brand-new festival to promote the broad and growing range of gin coming from the area.

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We were working with a very limited budget and to a tight time-scale.

With this in mind we chose to shoot clean images against a black backdrop and add creative touches in post-production. For example, adding lens flare, 360 rotations and graphics. We carried out these techniques and produced a collection of short, Instagram-orientated films for each brand.


Shooting against black brought attention to the selection of gins in sharp, clear focus.

The main purpose of the films was to advertise the festival and showcase the wide selection of gins available. The short films (5-10 secs) were sequentially released to build interest in the festival and interact with gin lovers.

We shot the gins individually on a plinth that could gently rotate the bottles, allowing us to capture the interesting and unique contours of each bottle design.

12 distinct videos to promote the range.

A stamp on quality.



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Launch of Social Campaign.

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